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Here we start developing the enterprise security capabilities. We treat it like art, and you get the options to choose from. We give you control so you can make a conscious decision about how much is enough. 

The capabilities development includes technology, process and people resources that should have been accounted for in your Security Program budget. They exist to serve the goals and objectives of selected security services that are relevant to your requirements. We develop policies aligned with the operational architecture. We will provide the architecture for designers at the network, applications, and information layer. We will develop security design patterns for use by vendors and solutioniers.

No matter who builds and operates these security services, your organisation is still responsible for identifying the critical capabilities to support your enterprise goals and security objectives. 

The service includes engagement with business units personnel, project managers, business analysts, application developers, network architects and designers, network and system operations managers and supplier contract management.

Our services are used by enterprises with different needs based on their existent capabilities and maturity level. We have skills and experience with capabilities development, program management, implementation and assurance management. 

It is not just about following industry standards and security best practices. But, designing to your enterprise objectives and security needs.

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