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We are old fashion and happy to know that in this day and age vintage is the new black. As I learned in the past, consulting is about knowledge sharing, and it is part of every service supplied by Cloud Sec Consulting Pty Ltd.

What we do today was learned from a large community of network and security professionals. My respected and passionate former co-workers whom I call the best in what they do. It includes members from SABSA Institute, The Open Group Architecture Forum, PMI Institute, ISACA Association, Information Security Group, Australian Department of Defence, ITU, and TMF as well as global solution suppliers for telecommunications and ICT security solutions and consulting services.

Every little piece of project related information counts, and it is valuable for your own use. We will secure and protect your information during and when applicable after we complete our project deliverables. 

All projects follow a phased approach that includes 4 phases: Planning, Design, Implementation, and Operations. The operations phase includes project knowledge transfer, and optionally CloudSecConsulting assisted operation services where our consultants will stay and work together with your operations team for a determined time. 

In the end, we will provide you with a copy of the PEB-Project Engagement Book in hard copy and electronic format including the following:

  • Preface

  • Contract (client, subcontractors, & third parties)  

  • Project Management Document (PMD)

  • Status Reports

  • Meeting Minutes 

  • Logs or Change Log, Risk Register, etc.

  • Design documents

  • Customer provided documents

  • Test plans and procedures

  • Data collected by our consultants

  • Related research materials and their sources

  • Presentations produced and delivered during the engagement

  • Final deliverable documents


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