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We can assure you there are no shortcuts when developing and maintaining a well-balanced security architecture. No low hanging fruits here and you need a plan before you define your program budget.

The service is tailored to your needs and relevant to your enterprise security maturity level. Together, we will identify the goals and priorities first and then we will craft a business-aligned security strategy and associated plans.

Security attributes and services that are relevant to your enterprise business process will be crafted based on your requirements. 

The engagement requires close interaction with senior management and support from relevant business units including but not limited to the Security Group, CIO and COO. Our consultants will ensure clear business justifications supports all applicable and identified requirements. Traceability to business objectives is recorded and assured from initial concept to delivery. 

The deliverables include the security architecture artefacts at contextual, conceptual, logical, physical and services management layers for use at later stages by solution architects, designers, operators and services providers.

The architecture artefacts delivered at the end of the engagement are not the end, but it is where you begin.


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